Plastics, by Gribaudi Plytas

Please find below the updates on artist duo Gribaudi Plytas’ research into plastics and the human relationship to the material.

Update #1:

Artist duo Gribaudi Plytas have started their investigation into plastic by collecting their own waste over the last few months. They now estimate their average plastic consumption, for two people, to be around 15L/week (uncondensed). Britain currently sends most of its plastic overseas and does not track what happens to it after it has left its shores. Rarely actually recycled, it is more often discarded by being burned, buried or sent to float in the oceans.

Gribaudi Plytas started experimenting with their waste as a way of offering a second life to this material that usually becomes waste. As the starting point of their project, they have been experimenting with the malleability of the material.

Update #2:

Gribaudi Plytas have furthered their research into plastic recycling, looking at examples of people doing so across the world.

The Mumbai slum Dharavi recycles 80% of Mumbai’s solid waste, employing 250 000 people and generating 1 billion dollars a year. Like most recycling factories they recycle plastic by categorising it, shredding down each group, heating these shreds to turn them into pellets. These pellets are then sold to companies that use them to make new plastic products. What is particularly appealing about their model is that it is done locally, unlike most of the UK’s recycling.

On a different scale they discovered @realpreciousplastic through a talk by @seyi_adelekun for Precious Plastic are giving us the key to localise recycling by making available the blue prints to recycling machines they have created.

These examples and many more paint the dream picture of a world in which we can stop manufacturing new plastic and instead endlessly recycle that which is already present in our landscape.

These drawings are a visual representation of one object’s plastic journey.

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